Partnering across Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey for Broadband Network Expansion

Xfinity technician out in the field.

Across the country, Comcast continues to invest in its Xfinity 10G Network to build, evolve and expand to meet the needs of our communities. We have decades of experience serving communities and thousands of technicians, engineers and customer service professionals who are always working to ensure fast, reliable service for our customers.

Locally, we are pleased to be expanding in parts of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Greater Philadelphia, northern Delaware and New Jersey.

Once our network expansion projects are complete, residents and businesses in new service areas will have access to Comcast’s full suite of advanced services, including Xfinity residential broadband speeds up to 2 gigabits (Gbps) per second and Comcast Business speeds up to 100 Gbps, or our 10 Gbps symmetrical speed tier for residential or small business customers.  

Here are the steps we take as a trusted partner in delivering our services to the community:

We work in close partnership with local government.

Comcast works closely with towns, cities, counties and all levels of local government to ensure we have the appropriate permitting as well as sharing construction updates, including specific street locations, so everyone is informed of local activities.

We keep residents and businesses updated on construction schedules.

Construction has many moving parts, and we keep residents and businesses informed of our activity in various ways. Residents and businesses alike can visit Xfinity.com/MyTown for timely updates on our construction schedule and to find out whether service is available at their address. In many instances, residents can also monitor their town’s website for updates on construction activity.

Once the expansion is complete, Comcast employs door-to-door sales representatives to provide information to residents about the availability of our products and services and help answer questions they may have about our services. These Comcast representatives wear company identification and will follow the solicitation requirements set by the community and/or municipality.

If residents would like to be notified as soon as our technicians have completed construction, they can provide their contact information on Xfinity.com/MyTown to pre-register and one of our service professionals will be in touch with them.

We work as quickly and safely as possible.

Comcast remains committed to timeliness and safety during all construction projects. As part of that, we maintain Commercial General Liability Insurance to cover the construction and operation of our cable and broadband systems as required by franchise agreements. This policy covers work performed by Comcast employees and business partners.

Length of construction on each project differs based on proximity to established Comcast service areas, topography, and the timing of agreements with local municipalities, among other factors. We are committed to completing the work as efficiently as possible, while prioritizing safety and quality and disrupting local neighborhoods as little as possible.

We abide by local laws, regulations, and processes.

Every construction project can have unique elements, but Comcast ensures all work, either underground, in the municipal or utility rights-of-way or even in yards and sidewalks is completed with necessary approval processes, corresponding paperwork and necessary notifications. Cable operators are granted a cable franchise agreement with the municipality allowing for construction and maintenance of the cable network.

Residents can expect to see Xfinity and Comcast Business trucks in the area as this work is underway. The underground expansion of the network will occur in the municipal or utility rights-of-way, and Comcast’s installations generally share facilities with the incumbent power, cable, and phone providers which speeds construction and minimizes additional intrusions.

Comcast commits to make every reasonable effort to restore or repair driveways and/or sidewalks accordingly.

We help build a better future for our communities.

Comcast brings to local communities its deep-rooted commitment to high-quality technology, digital equity, and services that are stable, secure, and innovative. Through Project UP, we’ve committed $1 billion to connect more than tens of millions of low-income individuals, advancing digital adoption and economic mobility, and opening doors for the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, storytellers, and creators.

To learn more about Comcast’s commitment and contribution to bringing Internet access to all Americans, especially residents and businesses in underserved and unserved locations, visit ComcastCorporation.com/broadband-partnerships.

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