Comcast Comes to Coopersburg, PA: What Locals Are Saying About Their New Services

Earlier this summer, Coopersburg, PA resident Patricia received a postcard in the mail that Xfinity services were coming to her community. The speed and reliability of the Xfinity 10G Network piqued her interest and, combined with the value of Xfinity’s offerings, made the switch from her previous provider a “no-brainer.”

For someone who is self-described as “not very tech savvy,” Patricia appreciated the time her technician took during the installation of her Internet, TV and phone services to ensure everything was completely set up and she understood how everything worked.

“My technician made sure I knew how to use the Xfinity Voice Remote, and while it’s still a very new concept for me to speak into my remote what I want to watch, I am thoroughly enjoying it. I no longer have to look up what channel my favorite teams are on because I can just ask my remote to take me to them!”

Stephen, a fellow Coopersburg resident who was with his previous provider for 15 years, was very happy that Xfinity brought a new option to town. After years of “erratic service,” he happily made the switch to Xfinity’s high-speed Internet and phone services and found them to be a greater value.

“We do all of our streaming on the Xfinity 10G Network – with multiple devices connected in our home – and we find the speeds are over 30% faster than what we were getting from our previous provider,” Stephen shared.

On his installation experience, Stephen added, “The technicians were great – thorough and personable. You could tell they were excited to be part of the expansion to our community and showed a real sense of pride and professionalism.”

Chase Symons, an Xfinity technician of eight years, participated in some early surveying of Coopersburg before construction officially began. He recalls being stopped by numerous residents asking when Xfinity was coming to town. Today, many installations later, he still feels that same enthusiasm from residents.

“This is the first expansion project I have been part of during my time at Comcast. It’s really rewarding to see our network being built out in a new area. Working in a new community like Coopersburg and seeing the positive reaction from customers has been such a cool experience. One customer literally cheered in excitement over his faster Internet speeds – that is something I will never forget.”

Similarly, Jake Shouey, an Xfinity technician also of eight years, is enjoying his first experience working on an expansion project. He really enjoys getting to be the first Xfinity technician going into a community – and customer’s home – and installing Internet equipment for the first time.

“We get to create the first impression with these new customers who are thrilled to have us in town. The feedback has been so positive – customers are blown away by the speeds our Xfinity 10G Network delivers. Before I can even finish their install, they jump on their devices and are amazed at how quickly they work.”

Comcast continues to invest in broadband network expansions, helping to connect more communities to what matters most – including this recent expansion in Coopersburg. Bringing our services to new markets also means more customers can take advantage of Comcast’s offerings through the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which provides eligible low-income households with a credit of up to $30 per month ($75 per month on Tribal lands) toward their Internet and/or mobile service. Thanks to ACP, eligible Comcast customers can get home Internet through Comcast’s Internet Essentials or Internet Essentials Plus at no cost once the federal credit is applied. Internet Essentials customers can also add a line of unlimited 5G cellular data ($45) through Xfinity Mobile for as little as $24.95/month after the ACP benefit is applied.

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