Comcast Business Delivers Innovative Technology Solutions to NJ TRANSIT

NJ Transit Train

Comcast Business announced it is providing NJ TRANSIT with high-performance Ethernet and Internet solutions to support its public transportation system and power the advanced technological services it provides to riders across New Jersey and in parts of New York and Pennsylvania.

“Comcast Business provides our customers with reliable connectivity and the technology backbone needed to power innovations,” said Michael Louden, Regional Vice President of Comcast’s Freedom Region. “As NJ TRANSIT continues to enhance its operations through advanced technology solutions, we will be there to partner and make its plans a reality for riders across the state and region.”

NJ TRANSIT is the largest statewide public transit system and third-largest provider of bus, rail, and light rail transit by ridership in the United States, providing nearly 240 million passenger trips each year, with roughly one million riders per day.  Under the strategic direction of its technology team, NJ TRANSIT foresaw the necessity of bolstering its network infrastructure. This led NJ TRANSIT to partner with Comcast Business, a decision rooted in the company’s proactive commitment to ensuring high service reliability and innovation for riders. Today, Comcast Business has expanded its support, helping the transit authority execute its forward-looking vision.

“As Chief Technology Officer at NJ TRANSIT, I have always prioritized innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and customer experiences,” said Bilal Khan, Chief Technology Officer of Infrastructure for NJ TRANSIT. “Providing high-performance Ethernet and Internet solutions is a testament to our commitment to leveraging advanced technology. This project helps bolsters our network and aligns perfectly with our forward-looking vision to revolutionize public transit.”

The transit provider identified a need for improved connectivity and redundancy, as a single point of failure could impact its operations. It also required a network system that could power quality communication and improve the experience for riders. Significant bandwidth is critical to support various communication methods, including network-dependent audio communication systems used to communicate between operators, other vital staff and customers, along with public WiFi, digital displays and signage communicating departure times, and more. 

“Looking ahead, we are excited about the future of public transit. This project is just the beginning. We are committed to exploring new technological frontiers to continually elevate NJ TRANSIT’S commuting experience and operational excellence,” continued Khan.

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