Operation Old Glory: Year Six

Comcast Flag Ambassadors folding the American Flag

“The military experience leaves an indelible mark on those who have served, even after they hang up their boots,” said Sean Casey, Senior Director of Military Affairs at Comcast, a combat Veteran and Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve. “The desire to serve others becomes part of your identity, and at Comcast, we wholeheartedly support our military-connected teammates in their endeavors.”

It is with that support that members of the Veteran’s Network Employee Resource Group (VetNet) in Comcast’s Freedom Region were able to launch a Flag Replacement Program in 2017. What was born out of one Navy veterans’ commitment to country and patriotism, has since expanded across the company. Through the Flag Replacement Program – now known as Operation Old Glory – Comcast employees replace worn American Flags at homes and businesses in the community with new ones, free of charge, regardless of whether they are Comcast customers or not.

Since then, Flag Day has become a fitting moment to come together: This past Flag Day, more than 200 American Flags collected over the past year were ceremoniously retired at the Delaware County Veterans Memorial (DCVM). Members of Freedom Region’s VetNet and Comcast leaders came together with DCVM, the Marine Corps League, local leaders, veterans and residents for the special ceremony, which included Comcast receiving the “Dedication to our Country and Community Award” from DCVM.

“Today, we gather to honor and pay our respects to these flags that have served our nation long and well,” said Casey during this year’s retirement ceremony. “Even now, these flags continue to serve, connecting us through a sacred tradition that binds us a nation.”

During the event, guests enjoyed water ice from Dre’s Homemade Water Ice and Ice Cream, a 2020 Comcast RISE recipient.

In six years, our Freedom Region Operation Old Glory program has replaced well over 900 flags across northern Delaware, Greater Philadelphia and New Jersey. This program is made possible by the more than 50 VetNet employees who volunteer to serve as Flag Ambassadors.

We look forward to growing this program locally and continuing to make an impact.

To learn more about the company’s ongoing commitment to the military community, click here.

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