STAT Medical Transport Responds to Patient Needs “Stat” with Comcast Business

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Comcast Business today announced STAT Medical Transport, Inc. a private ambulance service serving Delaware County and surrounding areas, relies on Comcast Business services to optimize the door-to-door and bed-to-bed patient experience.

STAT Medical Transport operates a fleet of 12 ambulances and 14 para-transit vans offering ambulance and stretcher transportation, oxygen therapy and vital sign monitoring to patients who need cardiac monitoring, medication administration and physician appointments. STAT requires fast and reliable phone and internet service for patients, their families and caretakers to arrange transportation, and to swiftly respond to ever-changing patient needs.

After experiencing several issues with its former provider, STAT Medical Transport decided to switch to fast, reliable business internet, phone and TV services from Comcast Business. The services were up and running quickly – enabling STAT to provide the high standards of safety, patient care and customer service on which the company prides itself.

Additionally, when the COVID-19 pandemic required STAT Medical Transport’s employees – including its main dispatcher – to work remotely, the features of Comcast Business VoiceEdge empowered STAT to quickly pivot to a distributed work environment for business continuity. Now, with the Comcast Business VoiceEdge App, STAT’s employees can use the features of their business phone service on any device – including making and receiving calls from their business phone number, even when they are not in the office.

“At STAT Medical Transport, our mission is to provide the highest quality medical transportation for our patients – phone and internet services are truly a lifeline to our customers,” said Ron Berardocco, owner and CEO at STAT Medical Transport. “Our partnership with Comcast Business has given us the fast, reliable internet and phone services we need to help us place the “quality” and “care” back into medical transportation.”

Added Michael Louden, vice president of Business Services for Comcast’s Freedom Region “In today’s fast-paced health care environment, slow connectivity is simply not an option for medical services providers like STAT Medical Transport. We understand the critical importance of providing fast, reliable internet and phone services when the health and safety of our neighbors depends on it.”

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