Center For Family Services Is There for The Community with Comcast Business

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Comcast Business is enabling Center For Family Services – a nonprofit organization with a 100-year history dedicated to helping people of all ages reach their full potential – to continue providing essential services to those in need through the COVID-19 crisis.

Center For Family Services (CFS) offers high-quality services and personalized care at over 70 locations across the state of New Jersey to provide support to people to heal, grow, and follow their own best life. The organization offers a comprehensive continuum of care covering a broad and diverse range of services for children, families, and individuals who have experienced trauma in their lives as a result of addiction, homelessness, abuse, poverty, violence, and family crisis. Its goal is to break the cycle of poverty, violence, trauma and addiction and to help people to overcome obstacles, find comfort, and build the foundation for a successful future.

When the COVID-19 pandemic required many of CFS’ 1,400 employees – including therapists, counselors, support coaches and case managers – to work remotely, the organization needed to ensure complete accessibility of its staff to continue providing personalized care and improve the lives of those it serves.

Comcast Business helped CFS ensure a smooth transition to a remote workplace by dramatically increasing internet bandwidth and upgrading its voice service with Comcast Business VoiceEdge in no time. The rapid enhancements enabled CFS to:

  • Provide an uninterrupted open door to those in need with the ability to seamlessly redirect calls to facilities across the region that needed to temporarily close one location and change its digital receptionist settings using the Comcast Business Portal;
  • Support essential community services by adding and redirecting resources to handle overflow calls from 211;
  • Enable staff to provide critical services — such as counseling for people who experienced an overdose — from home via video conferencing; and
  • Ensure business continuity by enabling staff to use the features of their business phone service on any device, including making and receiving calls from their business phone number even when they are not in the office.

“Center For Family Services serves to heal, educate, and protect children and families. We do that by providing high-quality services and personalized care — all built on connections,” said Richard Stagliano, President and CEO of Center For Family Services. “Our partnership with Comcast Business has given us the connectivity we need to continue putting the health of those in our care, our staff and families first as we remain fully operational during this time.”

Added Michael Louden, Vice President of Business Services for Comcast’s Freedom Region, “Comcast Business is dedicated to providing nonprofits technology solutions that are critical to supporting their missions. We are proud to play even a small part in helping nonprofits – like Center For Family Services – make a difference in the lives of New Jersey residents.”

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