Gear Up for 2020 With Comcast Business Solutions

Looking to grow your business in 2020 and beyond? At Comcast Business, we offer Ethernet, Internet, WiFi, Voice, TV and Managed Enterprise Solutions to help organizations of all sizes transform their business. Here are a few ways our products and services can help you kick off the new year – and the new decade – right:

  • Help guard against cyberattacks – To protect against costly malware, ransomware and bots, businesses need to implement 360-degree cybersecurity measures that include anti-virus programs, firewalls and network security solutions that proactively protect all devices connected to your network. Comcast Business’ cloud-based network security solution, SecurityEdge™, can provide greater protection so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.
  • Ditch lag times and satisfy your need for speed – The pace of business is faster than ever. And, to keep up, businesses need the fastest Internet possible. Fortunately, Gig-speed Internet removes the limitations and lags so working with massive files and supporting cloud-based applications is a breeze. In fact, with speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, Gig-speed Internet can help your business work up to 20 times faster to improve collaboration, support more devices and run cloud applications without a hitch.
  • Enhance employee and customer experience with WiFi and Business TVGuest WiFi is more than just a great way for customers to stay connected when they’re at your business, it also can serve as a marketing tool to build your customer database, provide personalized experiences that will delight guests and get rich insights into the behavior of your customers. Additionally, whether in an office setting, restaurant, hotel or retail space, TV services at your business also can benefit both your customers and employees. Keep your employees informed on the latest news and entertainment by offering TV in a break room. And, keep your customers or clients happy with TV in your reception area while they wait for an appointment or meeting. The award-winning X1 for Business video platform offers easier search and navigation, voice control, picture-in-a-picture and a sports content companion called the X1 Sports App that includes team and players profiles, statistics and real-time, game-specific data. Plus, why just offer complimentary WiFi when you can brand it so that your customers don’t just connect, they connect to you.
  • Keep your employees and business secure – Comcast Business offers a multitude of solutions, including SmartOffice, a video surveillance product designed to improve efficiency through advanced interior and exterior monitoring. With SmartOffice, businesses can record, store, access and share surveillance video on a 24/7 basis to oversee their business property from anywhere, through the online portal or mobile app. SmartOffice also provides secure cloud-based storage and instant access on your mobile devices to watch live footage and playback video.
  • Promote sustainability – Technology is arguably one of the biggest drivers behind a business’ sustainability efforts. One tech game changer is the adoption of a cloud-based (serverless) infrastructure to help organizations reduce their carbon footprint by lessening the amount of physical hardware necessary on-site. And, by enabling the access of information anywhere, it also supports workforce flexibility such as work-at-home initiatives – thereby reducing carbon emissions created by the daily commute to the office.

2020 is shaping up to be another exciting year. We hope it’s a prosperous one for you and your business!

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