Comcast Business Powers AIRX Technologies to Help International Companies Establish U.S. Operations

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Comcast Business announced that it serves as the U.S. provider of choice for UK-based AIRX Technologies, a global network integrator. Powered by Comcast Business, AIRX can help international enterprises establish and maintain the high-speed, reliable connectivity services needed to bring U.S. locations online.

Telecommunications and enterprise companies from around the world engage AIRX to deliver “last mile” connectivity to U.S.-based locations where they don’t have local IT employees. AIRX’s complete world-wide coverage ensures its clients don’t have to make time-consuming buying agreements with partners in each new region or country they enter, to free resources so enterprises can focus on areas like multi-vendor and network management.

“Our clients come to us because they don’t know how to best access IT resources in local U.S. markets. Rather than have their foreign-based technology teams spend time doing vendor research and navigating contracts, they use AIRX as the sole point of contact for their procurement, service delivery and lifecycle management,” said Piyush Srivastava, Managing Director, AIRX Technologies. “In order for us to make their experience seamless, we in turn need a reliable on-the-ground provider who delivers reliable connectivity and service. We’ve found Comcast Business to be the right partner to do this.”

Recently, a large technology company engaged AIRX because it needed support providing service to a new U.S.-based facility, but the team didn’t have any local expertise or contacts for networks. After assessing their needs, AIRX immediately turned to Comcast Business and its reliable network to provide the digital transformation solutions the company needed. In addition, Comcast has supported a number of AIRX clients from coast-to-coast by implementing Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI) and Business Internet Solutions, empowering seamless global communications.

“The Comcast Business national footprint spans 29 regional networks in 39 states, making it the largest facilities-based last mile alternative to phone providers in the U.S. Our team members have extensive experience navigating the nuances of local markets. We provide customers like AIRX a seamless, consistent experience with each engagement,” said Michael Louden, Vice President of Comcast’s Freedom Region. “We’re proud that our customized solutions have helped international enterprises achieve the connectivity they need to go beyond fast.”

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