Uncover Your Pet’s Secret Life with Xfinity Home

The new animated comedy The Secret Life of Pets explores the kind of lives our pets lead after we leave for work or school each day. But it turns out, Comcast has found the majority of pet parent customers with Xfinity Home are just as curious, using their cameras as a way to keep an eye on their precious pets!

Xfinity Home is Comcast’s total home security and automation solution. It’s a way for families to get traditional home security services, such as 24/7 police and fire monitoring, as well as evolving products and services designed to fit the needs of today’s digital home – and busy, on-the-go lifestyles.

So, while away on summer vacation, at the pool or office or even in another room of the house, pet parents can use cameras to view live feeds remotely via iPhone, iPad, Droid apps or an Internet connection, to see what their pets are up to any time of day. You can also set rules using motion detectors that will send you a text or email alert to let you know if your pet is getting into something they shouldn’t be (or you may even catch them doing something adorable!). Note: This also applies to children, too!

With Xfinity Home, customers get control and customization – over the products they use and the way they use them. With that comes peace of mind that their home, which is often the biggest purchase one makes in a lifetime, and their loved ones are safe.

While finally having the ability to see what’s really happening at home when you’re not is a favorite feature for many, other features of Xfinity Home include:

  • Use a smartphone or tablet to remote lock or unlock doors, ensuring only trusted people, such as pet and/or house sitters, are allowed in your home.
  • Have photos or video of who has entered or exited the home sent to you via text message or email.
  • Check and adjust the temperature of the house.
  • Remotely turn the lights on and off with your smartphone or tablet.
  • Monitor for fire detection and have the fire department notified immediately in the event of one.
  • Be alerted to water issues in problem areas like a basement or bathroom.

For more information on Xfinity Home, visit: http://www.comcast.com/homesecurity/.


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